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Magusa has a long-established expertise in moving live concerts, classical orchestras, theatrical shows, operas, ballets, circuses, and many more. We understand the precision needed in meeting deadlines, and as such, we arrange all logistics steps to always be on time and on budget. We maintain close communication with our customers to take care of every detail needed for creating the best logistic plan that meets their needs. At Magusa, we ensure performing artists can focus completely on their own performances, because we’ve handled all the other details.


Companies invest a great deal of effort and resources to display their products and services at trade shows and exhibitions all around the world. This includes not only the structural components of the booth but also audio-visual equipment, promotional material and sample products. We stand ready to provide you with the best time-critical logistic services anywhere in the world. At Magusa, we work tirelessly to create a unique and most cost-efficient solution for you. Our expertise in customs processing will ensure that your cargo is not delayed in beaurocratic processes either at arriving or when departing. In other words, we handle all the complexities for you, and always on budget.



Our competitive spirit is at work to ensure all is in place before competition begins. Athletes, car racers, soccer players, and athletes of all kinds only need to focus on breaking down records or winning championships. Magusa’s expertise in moving not only your equipment, but also food and medicines ensures that all cargo arrives ready to be used. At Magusa, we will work within your budget to find the best suitable transportation means, air, ocean and road, to ensure everything arrives when you expect it to.


You name the destination, and we take care of the rest. Film or documentary production requires in many cases moving equipment into hard-to-reach places. At Magusa we work at great lengths to ensure we find the best way to arrive to destination, and also stand ready with adequate equipment to handle your cargo anywhere you need it. We have moved in and out equipment to private islands, or remote forest sites, often across international borders. Magusa will prepare the most time and cost-effective routing of your equipment and cargo, arranging by air, sea or land, and quickly processing through customs when needed. At Magusa we print ATA Carnets to facilitate import and export of goods.



Regional or country corporate events require a lot of coordination in bringing equipment and business materials from many locations. All pieces are important and must arrive on time. Our expertise in scheduling multiple sources of cargo is key to deliver everything on time. Product samples, audio-visuals, brochures, books, and other key cargo usually come from many cities or countries, and great deal of coordination is needed. At Magusa, we have the experience of dealing with corporate events. We have worked with corporate clients and international organizations all around the world.


Magusa’s experience in time-critical cargo is also at its best when moving industrial products and equipment with unique logistic needs. Our experts in industry cargo will partner with your corporate team to understand and create the best logistic plan in the most economical manner to fulfill your requirements. We have moved heavy maintenance equipment in and out international borders, cranes, generators, cooling and heating equipment, oil, mining and construction equipment among many others. Our experts are highly trained in multimodal logistics, including arranging air and maritime charters, and will provide tailor-made solutions always in an economical way.




If you’re ready to experience the advantage of cargo transportation tailored to the entertainment industry, then you’re ready to experience the advantage of working with MAGUSA.

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